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By visiting Sarapeeshop.com, you agree to allow cookies and related technology. Our work is in line with our policy on using these technologies. If you disagree with the cookie function. In this way, you can adjust the settings in your browser, or choose one at a time from Sarapeeshop.com. If you choose to disable cookies and the technology involved in the normal operation may affect the use on the site.

Use of cookies and related technology. Other services on the Internet, emails and public relations. To help us understand the usage habits of website visitors. Information on cookies and related technology. Recorded information will include information about the visiting area. Visited time and other issues found including error display. These data are intended to help us improve our website performance and media management, and to better serve our visitors.

Cookies And the technology involved may include information that identifies users who have already been exposed, such as user names. User ID Remembering the options you have selected. Profile Pictures It also allows visitors to watch videos, play games, access social media, blogs, chats and forums, to help users do things on our site faster.

Cookies and related technologies of Sarapeeshop.com will not be individually identifiable. All information collected can not be revealed to anyone.

For other questions or comments on Cookies and related technologies. Please contact the administrator of the site by email: sarapee@live.com or using the contact form.

Note: Sarapeeshop.com recommends that you understand our Privacy Policy. This is valid for all visitors to the site.